Saturday 13 June 2020

Welcome to my World

Thank you for taking time out of your day to click on this blog and read this little post about me! I decided to come on here and do a little introductory post for you all to get to know me and what this blog is going to be about before i delve into publishing all of my posts! 

My name is Bex, I am 24 years young and i am a qualified teacher in the sunny old county of Essex. I am also currently 7 and a half months pregnant and due a beautiful baby girl at the end of August. Although i am a teacher by trade, i have my feet dipped into many other interests including being a freelance MUA, a youtuber and also running a craft business from the comfort of my own home. So as you can see i love to keep myself busy. 

I used to be a blogger a few years ago with my main focus being beauty, makeup and fashion although i stopped that about a year ago and from that stemmed this new adventure. I have always loved to write and create and so i have missed my blogging family and the joy it gave me so i have decided to come back and this time i aim to be bigger and better than ever. 

I am not giving myself a set theme for this blog as of yet and i hope instead to pursue all of my passions into one. So please do expect some beauty, fashion and makeup related posts as well as posts about my journey into motherhood, interiors, self help and also my personal life and experiences including my journey to overcome a history of domestic abuse in my previous relationship. 

This blog will be a safe place for me and others to hopefully open up about our experiences and to share milestones and excitement as well. I look forward to where the next few weeks and months take me with my writing and i hope to see you join me for the ride. So if you want to read more about motherhood, my healing and mental health journey and the odd fashion and lifestyle post then please follow and stick around for more. 

Hope to speak to you soon 

All my Love